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CAMEO Training Services

CAMEO®, MARPLOT®, ALOHA® and LandView® are cost-effective, time-saving emergency planning and response tools. But they are a waste of time unless the person at the computer knows how to use them.

Likewise, the detailed chemical data, site plans, community mapping, hazards analysis, and other vital preparations fall into place faster, easier, and more accurately when people responsible for planning and compliance can make full use of what the CAMEO Suite has to offer.

There is only one way for all this to happen: training - working with the program and sharpening skills. Even experienced professionals who have used CAMEO for years note that they have barely scratched the surface of numerous CAMEO capabilities.

Why Choose CAMEOSupport.com?

  • Experience: All of our instructors are EPA/NOAA certified and have years of experience teaching CAMEO, MARPLOT, ALOHA and LandView. Our trainers also provide technical support for the software. They can anticipate users' needs and teach students how to avoid common pitfalls.

  • Flexibility: On-site training classes fit your schedule.

CAMEO, MARPLOT and ALOHA training is reimbursable under federal training grants such as HMEP. CAMEO training helps you save too, whether it's one life or many planning hours - or simply the peace of mind from knowing you are prepared - CAMEO training gives you the tools you need to operate CAMEO effectively and efficiently.

Training Options

If you have additional links you would like to post, please send notice to cameo@cameosupport.com. 

  • Free Mini Exercises

    Tom Bergman of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality distributes monthly (almost) mini lessons to CAMEO/MARPLOT/ALOHA/LandView users in his area.  Tom has kindly agreed to make them available via this web site.  Click here for the latest list of modules.

  • On-site Training

    Receive CAMEO®, ALOHA®, and MARPLOT® training at your location, customized to fit your needs, delivered where and when you want it. Each on-site training session is developed and delivered with the students' needs in mind, whether they are planners or responders, or both. NSC will come to your location, teach only the topics that are relevant to your goals, and only when it is convenient for you. You do not need to adjust your schedule to attend training in another part of the country, worry about making travel plans, or spend time learning about things that are not important to your job.

    Classes can range in length from a one-day overview to a five-day in-depth class. Generally class size is five students or more. It is recommended that for classes with more than 15 students, two instructors are used. This allows one instructor to lead the session and the other to assist students.

    For additional information or a proposal, please contact us:

    • via e-mail: cameo@cameosupport.com

    • via phone: (800) 992-2636

    • via mail: Regulations/Resources, 3433 Charleson Street, Annandale, VA 22003

  • CAMEO & ALOHA Classroom Training

    No classes are currently scheduled. For additional information, please contact us:

    • via phone: (800) 992-2636

3433 Charleson Street, Annandale, Virginia 22003
Voice: (703) 560-1650 / Fax: (703) 560-0716
E-mail: cameo@cameosupport.com