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CAMEOfm Data Management

CAMEOfm is designed to communicate and share information with MARPLOT, ALOHA and Tier Two Submit.

Standard "cut and paste" functions permit data to be moved into and out of CAMEOfm, as well as the Import and Export functions.

The CAMEOfm Export utility creates a single *.zip file.  This archive contains the actual export files with the file extension *.mer.  Thes are actually comma-delimited ASCII text and can be imported by applications that read this file format.

  •  Microsoft Access
  •  Microsoft Word (as a merge file only)
  •  WordPerfect 9 (as a merge file only)
  •  Microsoft Excel
  •  Lotus 123

Click here for a cheat sheet (in Adobe Acrobat) explaining how to import CAMEOfm export data into Microsoft Access and Excel.

CAMEOfm Slide Shows

The slide sets below show some options that will let advanced users get more out of CAMEOfm.  They're PDF files so you’ll need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader.

  • Searches & Reports - CAMEOfm’s Search option allows you to select a subset of your data. The software contains two levels of search: Basic and Advanced. Both types operate in all CAMEOfm modules. View slides.
  • CAMEOfm Sorts & Dumps - CAMEOfm’s Sort option allows you to change the order in which your data are displayed. You can even "stack" sorts on multiple fields and set the order of data you plan to export. View slides
  • Tier2Submit - Tier2Submit software is designed to allow electronic preparation and submission of the Tier II reports required under EPCRA Sections 311 and 312.  A link to the download site for the software may be found on the CAMEO/LandView Links page. This EPA slide presentation shows how the application can be used to prepare the reports.  View slides.

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