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New versions of CAMEOfm/MARPLOT/ALOHA are now available  

EPA & NOAA have released new versions of CAMEO/MARPLOT/ALOHA. The most recent versions are:

CAMEOfm 2.0 (new, February 2009)

CAMEO Chemicals (new, February 2009. . . needed to provide chemical data to CAMEOfm 2.0)

MARPLOT 3.3.3 (February 2007 version. . . Version 4.0 to be released in early 2009)

ALOHA 5.4.1 (February 2007 version)

CAMEOfm 2.0 allows users to import 2008 data from the latest version of Tier2Submit. Read the upgrade instructions carefully.  <click here to go to the download page>

WARNING About Upgrading to CAMEOfm 2.0 from earlier versions


CAMEOfm 2.0 is now available.  DO NOT INSTALL IT UNTIL YOU HAVE MADE A BACKUP.  IT WILL ERASE ALL OF YOUR CURRENT DATA,  INCLUDING SITEPLANS AND MAP DATA!  This is not a bug, the software is designed to work that way. 

Users of CAMEOfm 2.0 will also need to download the CAMEO Chemicals application.

LandView 6

This version updates the Census 2000 statistical data as well as the EPA and USGS databases contained in LandView 5.  In all other respects, it does not differ from the earlier version.

Marplot 4.0

The new version of MARPLOT will differ significantly from previous versions.  While the interface is nearly the same as the current version, there are major changes in functionality.  Users of MARPLOT 3.3.3 should consider continuing use of their current version of while working to gain familiarity with the new version.

Quick Links

Download CAMEOfm 2.0 plus the current versions of MARPLOT/ALOHA

EPA & NOAA have released the latest version of CAMEO. Click on the link above to go to the download page.


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